Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Explicit session Id in JSP

I need to start a JSP session with a given Id, like "http://localhost/home.jsp?session=123456789", but not like "http://localhost/home.jsp;jsessionid=123456789?<query_string>".
If you know PHP, see below code:
// rest of the code
I want to do the same using JSP too. I need this because the client is not a browser. It just sends send HTTP requests and expects a reply. The client includes "?session=<session_id>" to it's request, where session_id is generated in the very first HTTP request. It's similar to a web browser with cookies disabled.
But the client cannot send a request like "http://localhost/home.jsp;jsessionid=123456789?<query_string>".
When I tried "session.setId(request.getParameter("session"));" I got an exception, "The method setId(String) is undefined for the type HttpSession"
Looking forward to a favorable reply.

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Nishantha said...

According my knowledge we can't give a specific session ID to the http session. It is an auto generated value by the web server. And also there is no setId method in HttpSession interface because of this. But you can join the existing session since you have the session id in your request.