Monday, February 11, 2008

Core Java

Post your core Java questions here.


Nishantha said...

Deep Dive: Blu-ray Disc Java
Sun's Blu-ray Disc architect Bill Foote demonstrates some of the powerful capabilities of BDJ, the Java platform for Blu-ray Disc.

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Aruna Wickrama said...

Head First Books... : Well before sometime ago Sampath Sir introduce me the Head First books. Later on I become a true fan of Head First series and learnt a lot of things. Now there are so many books published as stated following. Also we can find some ebooks also. If someone wants an ebook let me know

Head First Programming
Head First Java, Second Edition
Head First Object-Oriented Analysis & Design
Head First Servlets & JSP
Head First Design Patterns
Head First Ajax
Head Rush Ajax
Head First Software Development
Head First JavaScript
Head First C#
Head First SQL
Head First HTML with CSS & XHTML
Head First EJB

Mifraz Marzoon said...

hi Aruna I'm looking for the Head First C# and Head First Software Development ebooks. it was release recently so till there are no books available in sri lanka i guess. do you have those ebooks?

Nishantha said...

You can upload them to

to this location so that others can download them.

I'll give access to that group. Anybody can join this group if you have a gmail address.

Nishantha said...

Forgot one thing. Aruna can post the links here once u uploaded the files.

Mifraz Marzoon said...

Uploading ebooks is a good thing because sri lanka gets the books bit late compared to other countries. also the price is bit higher if we buy it online from amazon etc. but i recommend buying the hard copy when it's available in sri lanka. because authors put a great effort to write those books and we have to honor that effort.
it's just my opinion. :-)

Mifraz Marzoon said...

forgot. ebooks is a nice way to know if that book is useful or not.

Aruna Wickrama said...

Hi Mifraz, 100% agree with you. Anyhow I mentioned the books I have in

If the cost is not a problem please buy the book as Mifraz said.

Aruna Priyankara Wickrama said...

Useful Links :
If u can make another section on resources or links which are useful it will be great.
Here a link, seems pretty good (lots of examples)

Kasun Mathota said...

Hi Sampath ,

is there a considerable impact on performence of using StringBuffer(int capacity)
over using StringBuffer()...

Nishantha said...

Optimization by initializing StringBuffer

You can set the initial capacity of StringBuffer using its constructor this improves performance significantly. The constructor is StringBuffer(int length), length shows the number of characters the StringBuffer can hold.

You can even set the capacity using ensureCapacity(int minimumcapacity) after creation of StringBuffer object. Initially we will look at the default behavior and then the better approach later.


for details.

Amila said...


Is there any encoding in converting to ascii in java ?
Here is my problem..I have a hexadecimal data string I want it convert to decimal and then to ASCII,I did it using VB 6.0 it get a value,when I do it using java it get bit different value..
Here are the values.
J` P  p$? À E4Vx? @  A  P 52600474000000000002291 463135
J` P  p$€ À E4Vx˜ @  A  P 52600474000000000002291 463135

is there any encodes in java other than the VB 6.0 ?


Amila said...

Is there any way to set UTF encoding in a StringBuffer ?


javasrilankansupport said...

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